On the first Friday of June 2018 we went on a fantastic school tour to Kilkenny Adventure Centre.

Although we did not have to travel very far, everyone had great fun with their wide range of entertaining activities.

We started the day bubble soccer, although we spent more time on our head than we did playing soccer. After a while the heat got the better of us and we had to take a quick lunch break.

A few minutes later we found ourselves preparing for world war three. We got into our gear , loaded our guns and played the ultimate game of splat ball until we had shot our final ball, after a while we made our way over to the mud obstacle course where everyone got split into teams , each of which got dirtier than the other. We finally got changed and cleaned up best we could to head to k bowl for bowling and a dinner. There where strikes and chips flying everywhere as we all ate our weight in chicken nuggets and pizza.

We finally decided to get on the bus and head for home gaining smiles, bruises, full stomach’s and five inches of mud on our faces, which proves that you don’t need to go a million miles away to have an amazing time.

 By Lisa Hogan