This year our school decided to do another play.The Junior Infants did a play called Whoops-A-Daisy Angel.The Third to Sixth class play was called Pirates of the Curry Bean. It took weeks and weeks of practice but it was all worth it at the end. Gillian came on a Monday for six weeks and we did two rehearsals down in the Mullinahone GAA Hall.It was a great show and towards the end there was a big Raffle. A great turnout in the hall in the end.A great proformance was put on by the two plays.The Juniors play was about an Angel who made mistakes but then was given an important job. She had to tell Mary that she was carrying the baby Jesus. It was a funny play.The senior play was about a woman and her kids working in a restaurant  London. One day a suspicous bunch of Pirates came into the resturant. Their Cat found a treasure map before the pirates came. They started talking about a treasure map. Pearl the mother, hid the map in a safe for safe keeping but a pirate finds out that they have the treasure map that they need. One night the crew came back and went looking for the map. They found the safe and blew it up. Then suddenly Pearl woke up with a fright. They grabbed the map and kidnapped Pearl. The kids went to find their mother but got a horrible fright when they saw their mother was missing. They got on a ship heading after these Pirates. It took days but they finally caught up with them. After a big fight the Sailors gave up and joined the Pirates. They captured the captain and the kids. Then a terrible storm came and the boat sank. Everyone surrvied but they all washed up on the Island of Lumbago where the treasure chest was. Two members of the sailors crew found the chest and opened it to find lots of coins. Pearl found her long lost Husband and the pirates were happy to see a real captain. Then the captin of the Curry Bean was caught trying to steal and was captured and locked away and the rest of the crew went back to London.It was a happy ever after.We give a big thanks to Gillian for the play.