Health School Lunch Delivery Service

We are delighted to introduce ‘The Lunch Bag’ to the school this year.  It is a service that provide healthy lunches to the children and staff daily if required.  You can order a lunch for your child/children 1 or 5 days a week or once a month as a treat.  The children, parents and staff are delighted to have this option.  It provides extra time in the morning and takes the stress out of making lunches for parents.

How it works? 

  1. Parents can download the app ‘The Lunch Bag’ from the app store.
  2. Select your school and add your child/children.
  3. Order lunch before 12 noon the day before an order due.

See attached all the details and the fabulous selection of choices available to you.  There is a kids sample menu with choices of:

  1. Bread, i.e. white or brown, roll, wrap, gluten free, wholemeal, etc.
  2. Spread, i.e. dairy free, butter & mayo, little butter, etc.
  3. Filling, ham, ham & cheese, chicken & stuffing, tuna & sweetcorn, egg mayo, strawberry jam, etc.
  4. Salad, i.e. lettuce, sweetcorn, cucumber, onion, etc.
  5. Fruit & Dairy, i.e. Banana, apple orange, petit filou, fruit post hummus & carrot sticks, raisins, etc.
  6. Healthy Treat, i.e. oatmeal cookie, glenisk yogurt, pancake, banana bread, fruit scone, etc.
  7. Or there is an alternative to a sandwich available, i.e. Pasta chicken & pesto, chicken salad, veg tray & hummus, plain pasta, fruit pot, etc.

There are many extras to choose from if you wish.  Prices starting at €1.90.

There is no obligation on families to commit to the service. 

Brochure extra details

The Lunch Bag Leaflet (2)