We do lots of practice by stretching and doing laps around the pitch before the competition. We try to build up stamina for the competition. We got a bus to Marlfield and when we got there, we would see all our fellow competitors. Then we would find a place to settle. After that we would go and do a warm up. The 3rd & 4th class races will be coming up soon. They would only do 600 mtrs, while 5th and 6th class would do 800 mtrs. When the 3rd and 4th class races came up, the 5th and 6th classes would cheer them on. This year 3rd and 4th class all did very well. When 5th and 6th class races came up, 3rd & 4th class would do the same. Again they all did very well and some got medals. Everyone was tired but it was a great day.

By Holly, Rachael & Aisha